Peak Tower | 99.06m | 23s | Lighthouse HM | Davignon Martin

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Bodies and an active frontage please and thank you.

The 102-105st improvements cannot come soon enough. I still find it absurd that the primary main street in the city is going to take the better part of a generation to redo, but that's for another day/thread.
But we have that really nice stretch of the quarters with cute pavers thankfully 😍🤷🏼‍♂️
Unless I didn't look at it close enough I don't see any spot for CRUs, and that entrance is so underwhelming. Although the renders didn't have any so that's expected.

Which, even so is a huge shame because there's not much happening on that that side of the block. Especially with the rotting husk of the Paramount theatre still standing next door.
^^Hmmm, Anyone want to do a guerrilla style removal of that old green board during the night. If guerrilla gardeners can improve the neighbourhood, what about guerrilla urbanists.