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Sep 22, 2015
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An enduring Wayne Scott (his father was a finish carpenter with a sense of humor) design is about to get a remake. Great site for a hotel!
The outside structure will mostly remain intact, Aulakh said, but with plans to open up the main floor front to Jasper Avenue and 102 Street with glass windows. As for the iconic peak, it will remain in place with plans to project LED lighting.

“It stands out as it is, but it’s really going to stand out once we’re done,” he added.


A preliminary design of the new hotel development underway in the former Enbridge Tower. The 23-storey building was purchased by Lighthouse Hospitality Management Inc. at the end of April. SUPPLIED

For the first couple of floors, Aulakh said the idea is to include restaurants, a spa, gym, and all the amenities traditionally found in a hotel.

They are also in talks with a brewery and other food concepts, he said.

Exciting brand new Hyatt House Hotel under construction in Edmonton’s Downtown Core.
Gorgeous 23 Storey Tower with a 9 Storey High Grand Atrium Lobby
300 Room Hotel (short and long term stays) offering the following amenities
Health and Wellness Spa and Fitness Facility
Business Centre
Conference and Banquet Facilities
Secured underground parking

Note the listing is for 8,000sqft of retail for lease.
Confusing Ground Floor Plan -- leasing out the corner accent atrium? A lot of potential missed here!
@Daveography, you have this reconditioned building that has an eight storey atrium -- an hotel that consumes over 90% of the functional use -- and the atrium is leased out? What if the ground floor space is leased by a bank or an accounting/securities office -- they get the huge atrium that should be the marquee or the entry-point for the hotel? Makes no sense to me. There is a passive lounge area in the lobby -- that's ok; most hotels have them -- but wouldn't it have made more sense to use the Jasper Avenue space for a first class restaurant and lounge. Maybe the owners are throwing the leasing agent a curve ball and are just using them to promote the hotel in a off-handed kind of way. I read the leasing brochure and I know there are other second and third floor amenities -- doesn't excuse the missed opportunities on the ground floor.
@Swore, don't misunderstand me; I think that the building looks great and I gave it "I like it a lot" review. I am just puzzled over the use and layout of the ground floor. I'll bet that the hotel operators -- Hyatt -- are talking to the owners ?!?!
The hotel is primarily a long stay hotel. Comparables are Homewood Suites, Residence Inn. They have generic amenity shops/restaurants called H Bar (which doubles as the free breakfast space) and H Market.

Not sure the idea of the prestige that this hotel has in the minds on here aligns with what the hotel is actually targeting.
A couple of things make me think "not so" @Daveoagraphy. #1. in the leasing brochure the space is classified as "retail" which suggests the genre that the owners are going after , #2 do you think that the hotel operators would want to be competing with what they have already defined in provided amenities as a cafe/bistro/lounge/restaurant (presumably on the second or third floor), and #3. 8,000 sq. ft. accounts for a HUGE restaurant if thats whats intended to go there (something like 355 seats (no restaurateur in his right mind would want that operation -- I have designed over 70 restaurants in greater Los Angeles -- the largest with lounge is less than 6,000 sq.ft.). Now that you have got me digging a little deeper, I am going to contact the leasing agent to see what they would allow. Maybe a nightclub? I suspect that if they are truly going for those who can afford the rent, it may well be high-end retail or a bank, or a securities company -- whomever it is they will surly have a beautiful 8-storey atrium as an entry point!