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Edmonton Oilers

I'd say Soup is worth his pay, unlike last year.

Mayor Sohi kicks off “Heritage Classic Week” in Edmonton​

October 19, 2023

News media are invited to City Hall Plaza for Pucks on the Plaza, a free family-friendly, hockey-themed event, at which Mayor Amarjeet Sohi will officially proclaim October 21 to 29 “Heritage Classic Week” in Edmonton.

Date: Saturday, October 21
Event Time: 12 – 4 p.m.
Proclamation: 12:30 p.m.
Location: City Hall Plaza

Steve Mayer, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Content Officer for the National Hockey League, will be on hand to receive the proclamation on behalf of the NHL.

Oilers alumni and fan favourite, Kevin Lowe, will be on hand to meet fans and sign autographs.

This kickoff to the 2023 Tim Hortons NHL Heritage Classic™ will feature a special performance by the Logan Alexis Singers, who will bring an honour song and perform their hockey-inspired Connor McDavid Song.

Pucks on the Plaza
Pucks on the Plaza is a free, family-friendly, hockey-themed event celebrating Edmonton’s love of hockey and the upcoming 2023 Tim Hortons NHL Heritage Classic™. The fun includes street hockey scrimmage and an obstacle course, music, fantastic prizes, (including a chance to win a pair of tickets to the Heritage Classic), giveaways, firepits and more! Food trucks will be on site.

Edmonton is a passionate sports city, and hockey is in our DNA. As participants or spectators, amateurs or professionals, Edmontonians love hockey in every season and in all its forms — at the ice rink, in the grass, on the pavement — or at Commonwealth Stadium! When it comes to hockey, we love to watch, cheer and play!

Hockey fans of all ages can take part in a number of hockey-inspired activities and events happening throughout the city in the days leading up to the big game. For more ways to celebrate our love of hockey, community, and Edmonton's vibrant spirit​

For more information:
ETS Park & Ride
Commonwealth Stadium
WestJet NHL Fan Park
NHL Heritage Classic Fan Guide

Media contact:
Karen McDonnell
Communications Advisor
Community Services​

Second time in four games that 'our work ethic is not to our standard'... from a team at a point in their cycle where this is simply not acceptable to be hearing.

THIS team, right now, ain't going anywhere.

WTF Oilers.

Edmonton has not scored a goal in the third period through 5 games.

Woodcroft continues to look for the positives, but I simply do not feel any urgency, cohesion or accountability.

Rise, repeat.
The one good thing that could come from this is hopefully the team rallies around the injury and starts to work a little harder. But tbh the Oilers deserve a better fate than they have had so far. They haven't played genuinely awful in any games except game 1 against Vancouver. They showed a lack of effort against Philly but actually ended up out chancing them in the end, despite the loss. They heavily outshot both the Jets and the Nucks in the last game and in game 2. It just always seems like the Oilers will play amazing hockey and be dominant for long stretches of the game and then they will inevitably make a boneheaded play that ends up costing them the game. In game 2 against Vancouver it was Skinner not making the save on Lafferty which was a really easy save to make and against Winnipeg it was the Skinner, Nurse debacle. The issue though is that every team will inevitably make a few errors during a game. It just seems like the Oilers end up paying for those mistakes a lot more. Often one guy will make a mistake and then a chain reaction of bad plays will lead to a goal against, or the goaltending won't be able to hold.

It's frustrating to watch the team dominate for big stretches of the game just for a couple of bad errors to end up being their undoing, but c'est la vie. In my opinion, they need to up the consistency of their give a crap factor. It seems like they are having trouble staying engaged for the full 60, and the needs to change. Likewise, our defense needs to figure out the basic, hockey 101 level rule that if you're in the shooting lane you need to either block the shot or get out of the way, otherwise you're just screening the goalie. In a similar vein don't allow players to just stand in front of the net, move them out of there, that's one of the main jobs of defensemen in the NHL. (Also don't have everyone including the defense get up in the rush leading to a 2 on 0 the other way cough cough Nurse and Ceci).

I have faith they will figure it out but man it feels rough right now. They need to get back to the basics defensively, make the easy, safe play. When you're struggling the way they are in their own end stop making your life harder than it has to be. Something also feels wrong about the forward group, they're generating shots but not doing great at generating high quality chances, even the top line (it doesn't help that Woody goes to Connor and Leon together immediately after something goes slightly off course, this team is more dangerous with them on their own separate lines). Similar to the defense, we need to go back to basics at least for now, get to the front of the net, go high to low, create chaos in front of the net.

The last point is that Skinner needs to make a save, I honestly don't really blame Campbell for much of anything that has happened so far. He hasn't necessarily been elite or saved a game but he has been solid. Stu on the other hand has been legitimately bad. He needs to figure it out or he will lose his 1B position pretty quickly. Have faith Oilers fans however we're only 6% into the season and there's plenty of time to turn around. If they reduce their errors, and find more saves when they need them they will start winning. It would also help to start scoring a few more goals.
We need that one save that we are simply not getting and as you say, block it or get out of the way.

THAT said, the lack of pucks in the net for THIS team is also concerning if you take the one game out of the equation.
We simply cannot capitalize.

Out of 7 shots thus far, we should have had 3-4 goals and are 0-4 on the PP... including a 2-man adv.
A pretty competitive/even game, but our positioning is terrible.

3 defenders and they have position?
Outscored 10-1 in the third this season. (at least we scored in the 3rd?)

Can't wait to hear coach Woody's recap and excuses.

1. real close, lot's of good things to pull from this
2. not at our 'desired level' of effort
3. gotta sort the little things out
4. we've got'em next time
5. focus on the prize