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Edmonton Oilers

Amateur hockey. Marginal effort, no drive, zero tenacity and very little leadership it seems.

Get your Blue Lagoon and put your legs up boys, that cruise ship is heading to port 2.

from early last march:

“…and if i was management, every player contract would ban this team from reading media plaudits about how they’ve finally turned the corner with how well they’re playing and how they are now legitimate stanley cup contenders.

“it seems every time they pay attention to the media - or the next round of the boys on the bus legacy (it was after all 36 years ago) - they fall flat on their faces. stanley cups aren’t given to the most talented players, they’re earned by the hardest working teams.

“but i’m neither coach nor management so I’ll just continue to watch every game hoping for the best, wondering which oilers team i’ll get to watch each period, and trusting woodcraft and management know their jobs better than i do.”

someone’s been allowing the press clippings into the dressing room yet again. :(
I don't feel any sense of urgency now that we are 10% of the way through the season with a team going 'Cup or Bust' and at the moment imploding on all fronts.

'we have yet to play a full 60'.... at this stage and cycle. Where is the player accountability?

'In a funk' means that at some point (this year) that you weren't.

I am hearing 'hope' and 'that's the goal' in almost every, single interview Jay. NOT GOOD ENOUGH.