Glenora Park | 81.99m | 22s | ONE Properties | Wallman Architects

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A pic from the Rivervalley Overlook on Sask. Drive. Another go-to spot.
I keep forgetting that this amenity, (Overlook and SUP) had only opened around 2017. Prior to that, there was no access to the Valley and points beyond (unless you brought a machete) from that location. There were only a couple of benches there before and basically no view to speak of, just scrubby brush. It's such an active people mover now and I wonder when we will see the next stage complete? The current SUP takes you down to the Indigenous Art Park and the North Bank trail system. Does anyone recall that the next phase was to be a pedestrian bridge over Q.E. road at some point?
2021-06-06 104.JPG

A shot from down at the river's edge. The water was surprisingly warm, I only ventured in ankle-deep mind you.
2021-06-06 293.JPG
After seeing more exterior cladding going up I think it will turn out just fine. While similar to the CNIB Building there are some differences with how they are applying cladding that just seems to look a bit better. Ground floor interface looks to be really good too.