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Can someone explain the advantage of “Data Centres?” Other than initial start up labor and a huge strain on our energy resources….what actual economic benefit is there?
Probably better for places with lots of cheap power
“……..Entos plans to build a manufacturing facility in Edmonton, Alberta……where the company is based.”

I thought Rohit has been in there for years.......

Reference ID:Job No 514626399-002
Description:To install (2) Fascia Sign(s) limited to On-premises Advertising (Covenant Health / Rohit)
Location:10130 - 112 STREET NW
Plan 0320617 Blk 12 Lot 168
Status:Intake Review
Create Date:2024-05-31T16:03:09Z

Shares of Canadian Western Bank surged 70 per cent in early trading after it announced that it had struck an all-stock deal to be acquired by National Bank of Canada in an agreement that valued it at about $5 billion.

CWB shares were up $17.61 at $42.50 on the Toronto Stock Exchange on Wednesday. National Bank shares were down $6.31 at $110.03.

The deal announced after the close of trading on Tuesday will see Quebec-focused National Bank expand its geographic reach in Alberta and British Columbia, where CWB is concentrated.

CWB is expected to maintain its branch locations as well as its Edmonton-based leadership and operations.

The deal comes just months after Royal Bank closed its $13.5-billion purchase of HSBC Canada in the country’s largest-ever domestic banking deal.

The deal is subject to shareholder and regulatory approval and expected to close by the end of 2025.