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Edmonton Companies News & Discussion

Haha time for some insider trading? Let's just make sure the share purchase value is above $30. Also having Stantec private would really ensure it's long term viability however, in Edmonton? that we do not know.
Here's a video of Bioware for one of their game that just came out yesterday. The video helps promote the city a bit with the Walterdale bridge and park around it.

Another video from Improbable that came out a few months ago (again, somewhat promoting our city. I wish it wasn't winter though):

I really hope the city embraces our gaming industry because I feel like our city isn't doing enough to attract more companies/talent or marketing themselves. The general tech ecosystem is growing everywhere around the world but I feel our city isn't putting much effort into it. Yes, there will be a new innovation identity being formed by the city but I still feel like it's not enough. I think the city should put out incentives ($$) like how Calgary does to attract these tech companies. AB government isn't really helping much either but Edmonton needs to be more aggressive like Calgary.