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There seems to be a lot percolating on the start up and smaller level now which is good, but we eventually need something bigger and successful to really make a viable hub in the long run.

Something that will actually stay here and support the development of other companies over years or even decades. Not something that gets sold off to some large US company after it becomes successful and eventually just become a shell of itself here.
Wow that is gutting the local Engineering firms. I know a few people that left to go over to MH and are now back in the fold and will not be happy. Hell I know how I felt that morning when we were told we were assimilated.
Yes this did shake up the engineering world. Lots of people I know that left Stantec are concerned about who is next.
Also the oil prices plummeted in the the middle of this time period so hardly surprising
I would say alot of the GDP growth is not in the city but in the region.
Did you translate and read the article? This is what actually happened: “Jean-Paul L'Allier finally helped convince Quebec to engage in a municipal merger program of which the city would be the main beneficiary. Its consolidation with the rich suburbs since 2002 has considerably strengthened the tax base of the new enlarged city.“.

I think the article is very interesting - and we have a lot to learn from the strategy that has taken place in Québec for Quebec City.