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I just did a quick search and came up with this. Not sure how accurate, but way more than 1,000

As of the 2016 Canadian Census, there were 55,997 people living on 11.5 km2 (4.4 sq mi) of landmass that constitutes Downtown Edmonton. Also as of 2016, there were approximately 92,735 jobs in Downtown Edmonton. The population density was about 48 people per hectare, and the job density was about 80 jobs per hectare.

Downtown Edmonton - Wikipedia​

I don't know how many people work dowtown, but I suspect way more than 1,000. This is less than 20% of one company - individual businesses expand or contract.

This could easily be offset by another company expanding or moving downtown. Yes, it is noticeable, but not a huge blow.
Haha obviously there are more than 1,000 people working downtown.

My point is that there might actually be 40,000 people working downtown which is a lot less than the 1.5M you note as almost a way to diminish the significance of that despite the fact that 1.5M is almost an irrelevant number given that is not reflective of our 1. workforce and our 2. downtown workforce of which the 50 directly impacts.

In any case, this is another example of a long line of blows to our downtown work force while I am not hearing a lot of new shops and jobs springing up that are helping our downtown case.
Probably just some house cleaning for Bioware. Nothing to be concerned about those jobs will come back eventually to different people.
Obviously this news will not make or break downtown, however I still don't think it's something to just brush off and not think it's not a big deal. It's just another piece of not-so-good news about one of Edmonton's crown jewel local success stories.

'Ol Randy bringing us presents again!
So a net gain of 425 jobs here - that is good. I think we need to support and focus more on current up and coming companies, these will be the jobs of the future.

Not so much on a company that while it was quite successful, was sold off to a US company over 15 years ago.
50 jobs? Naw....wanna know what a big blow looks like? When both the TMX, CGL and LNG Canada projects wrap up - both pipelines this fall and the LNG by this time next year - I'd reckon at least 10,000 YEG'ers work on those 3 projects, including myself. That's a big blow......
The long rumour is that Enbridge is going to build a twin line next to CGL once construction has completed. Better get your resume out to Surerus Pipeline ASAP lol
The long rumour is that Enbridge is going to build a twin line next to CGL once construction has completed. Better get your resume out to Surerus Pipeline ASAP lol
I've been hearing the same thing for years job is not dependent on the They've got some pretty big compressors to build in the mean time as well.

More bucks for our far superior Health and Research industry? Perhaps more for API in their quest for dominance?

This will be the first new project to get built in the Research Park in many years, about time!
Would genuinely love to see much more of this. We have significant potential here with proliferation of gaming studios (and events/conferences) here (especially with Bioware laying off 50 people). Inflexion has some direction from ex-Bioware team members as well.