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Council unanimously approves 'spectacular' 35-storey CNIB tower
Council did little but sing praises Monday for a new 35-storey tower pitched for Jasper Avenue and 120 Street.

The building will have ground-level shops and second-floor office space for the Canadian National Institute for the Blind, and 33 storeys of rental units in a thin tower above.

It was approved unanimously after administration ran through a list of public benefits included in the proposal — public art incorporated into the coloured glass fins and brail on the facade, wider sidewalks with a larger, treed boulevard funded by the developer, outdoor space for residents on the podium roof with fragrant sage and thyme in the gardens, and five per cent of the units reserved for affordable housing for CNIB clients.

“Now this is what I’m talking about. This is an A-plus,” said Mayor Don Iveson. “This is inclusive design, a beautiful to behold building, whether by the ear, by the nose, by touch or by sight. By any measure, this is a spectacular building.”

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Five things that make a building better for the visually impaired
City councilllors unanimously approved a new 35-storey tower on Jasper Avenue Monday that will serve as both the offices for the the CNIB and a rental apartment tower.

Mayor Don Iveson said the tower was the kind of project the city wants to see more of and unlike previous towers it has approved on Jasper that were more controversial, this checked all the boxes.

“By any measure this is a spectacular building,” he said.

One of the architects working on the project, Chris Downey, lost his sight eight years ago. Incredibly, he now specializes in helping architects design with vision loss in mind.

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@archited this might answer some of your questions.
Oh I really hope this one happens too!:(
I agree with hqcan on skyscraperpage about a possible extension of the LRT tunnel to 124th street. With all the new proposals here, Oliver might become the densest node in the city, maybe even beating downtown.
@Daveography yeah you're right:(. I would say in maybe 20 years it might be considered.


This project, located on Jasper Avenue and 120 Street, will feature retail on the ground, commercial office space on the second floor, and approximately 334 residential suites. The design of the building facade will incorporate the use of Braille letters and numbers to represent the project’s main office tenant, Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB).

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