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Meanwhile, city planners are buzzing about a new 35-storey tower to redevelop the Canadian Institute for the Blind site on Jasper Avenue and 120 Street. It goes to a public hearing July 11.

While the locally developed 45-storey Emerald Tower just down the street earned administration’s thumbs down, this one has enthusiastic support, all on the strength of its high-quality design and attention to the surrounding street, said planner Tim Ford.

It has inspiring, Braille-related public art, underground parking and a commitment to build a treed boulevard.

“It’s the materials, particularly on the podium level, stone and brick. … The whole building really ties in nicely with the street,” said Ford.

It was designed by Wallman Architects of Toronto, where developers are used to outside competition.
Very excited about this one. Pearl needs a friend or two :)

Edit: checked out the council agenda and looks like this building will be very impressive. Maybe even better than the Pearl. I'm on my iPad so I can't post screenshots... @Daveograpy ?
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@chrisvazquez7 I didn't think to check the document for diagrams, thanks for the reminder! Here they are:








Playful frames create sense of movement, illusions on Edmonton's new CNIB tower



The playful series of frames running at slight angles around balconies of a proposed new Oliver-area tower give an illusion the tower grows as it rises into the skyline.

The frames weave back and forth, giving privacy to the balconies and lend the 35-storey glass tower a bit of weight to complement the older, more solid surrounding tower stock.

“It gives the sense that something’s moving,” said Toronto architect Rudy Wallman, who designed the tower for 120 Street and Jasper Avenue to replace the current Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) offices.

Zoning for the new tower goes to public hearing for council’s deliberation July 11.

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Canadian National Institute for the Blind pitches new highrise on Jasper Avenue
Yet another new highrise could be coming to Oliver, and the owner hopes the building will be beautiful, even to people who can't see it.

The Canadian National Institute for the Blind plans to replace its office on 120th Street and Jasper Avenue with a 35-storey apartment building that would be accessible to the blind.

The existing offices were originally designed as a place for CNIB clients to live. The new building will likely have spaces available for clients, and be an attractive option for other blind people.

"It's an opportunity for them to have the same quality of life that anybody else would normally experience when they rent an apartment in a brand new building," said John Mulka, CNIB regional vice-president.

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