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Well it has too much of a negative history. Also it still looks too much like a hospital. Wish more could have been done to hide that fact a bit better.

Holy mackerel! Maybe our benevolent leaders at City Hall can work with the property owners and subsidize a heritage study and ground penetrating radar of the site????? I mean, if we're serious about reconciliation these are the activities we should be pursuing together, regardless of skin color.

Hell I'll do the GPR myself for free if I get permission and if someone knows a place to rent the equipment in AB.
Are there any plans for a memorial or commemoration about the hospital's history? Indigenous Peoples were sterilized, and allegedly tortured, and many died there. Given the mass graves found in Kamloops, Saskatchewan, and other places across Canada, I don't think this site's history should be buried or ignored.
You’re right. I emailed a reporter with CBC to remind them of this a couple weeks back and the mention of possible graves at the Camsell site. We have a lot of work to do in consultation and reconciliation.
Id be surprised if any bodies will be found on that site. the ground disturbance over the years for all the construction would have turned up something by now. However there are unmarked graves at St jo cemetery for TB victims.
It wouldn't be hard for them to put it on pause since it looks it's been there already for the past few years.
This redevelopment has been taking forever to get finished. I feel sorry for those who were victimized by the government policies at the time, but what exactly do you hope to achieve from delaying this project? The residents that live in Inglewood want this project to be finished so they can continue on with their lives. Those residents come from all walks of life, including indigenous. I personally doubt there being any unmarked graves on site which may be the only reasonable reason to halt construction, if they find any.