Charles Camsell Redevelopment | 39m | 8s | Five Oaks | Dub Architects

I think i saw a board was moved today, may have been the wind though…

What is going on with this horrifically embarrassing project?
The buildings on the right (Green boards) is a completely separate project from the "Camsell." Who on here has the name for these condos? Camsell is the tall building + the condos on the right......
IDK the name but i think its a seniors/assisted living building.
Drove by the site on Friday. Actually saw a crew Drywalling in the new units on the north side. And did notice that the spaces in the old hospital look to be completed. the parking area is newly staked and appears to have some civil work done. Sooooo, I am thinking this may be finished this year. Will get photos next time through.
I walk by at least once a week, and they have a steady but small crew that's been working on the north-facing townhouse units on most days. If there's anything currently being done inside the hospital, I honestly can't tell.