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They are making a steady progress lately



Are they still working on the units inside the hospital proper as well, or has that work been set aside? Are there any projects on this property that have yet to commence? I'm wondering how close this current work will get us to that 600 unit count.
What if Dub were to receive a similar deal as Beljan if the hospital structure was turned into all affordable housing?
I believe that is another group not Keller doing the old hospital. The times I go by very little gets done. The steel on the north side was up for almost a year before they started to close it up. And looking through the windows of the new units. The drywall still has not been done.
Yeah it is separate. I thought it was Dub with his own crew on the actual hospital.
Whoever is working on the hospital has inherited Gene Dub's habit of developing projects that is on a slower pace than a snail on Valium. The SW hospital will be likely be finished and fully operational before the Camsell is completed.
Do we know how many total units will be created between the redeveloped hospital building and adjcent new rowhouse construction? Upwards of 100 at least, right?
For sure over 100. The number at one point was 160 units but that's from years ago. Don't know if that included the row housing or just hospital.