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Cycling and Active Transportation in Edmonton

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Coun. Ashley Salvador shared her new bike route home from city hall so I decided to give it a go tonight.
I'm impressed with the city's expansion of our bike Network out north and east.
119 Ave riding east from 96 st to the Coliseum is a great protected route and then it continues on along the lrt tracks north over to Spartan Park (nice baseball diamond). Great route!

I wonder if they give expanding south again another try? The painted bike lanes in some areas there aren't cutting it (and they do still appear on all the bike maps).

I've probably complained about this ad nauseum by now, but the painted bike lanes on 106St now in the Ermineskin/Steinhauer area are a complete joke... the roads there are so bad that it can be downright hazardous to ride through those areas (looking at you, 106St and 34th Ave intersection). Way too many conflicts in the Saddleback road section through Skyrattler as well (and speeding cars shortcutting to avoid the 23 Ave/111St intersection).
Council will have some difficult budget discussions this fall but I'm hopeful this council will proceed with its proposal Coun. Salvador made to fast track 400+ km of protected/SUP bike lanes in 2023-26.

This can be our community!
Better for the environment
Better for our health
Better for our health care system
Better for community connection
Better for mental health
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little tangential, but a lot of bike commuters in YEG are also trail riders so i feel like this is worth sharing here: council unanimously supported a singletrack trail strategy for the river valley. (cbc article here) EMBA has been advocating for years for this, and finally something is being done. the city has long tried to simply stamp out MTB in the valley, which doesn't work in the slightest, and leads to very damaging rogue trailbuilding. with this new motion, set forward by Cllr. Salvador, EMBA will be able to do maintenance on existing trails (which reduces the affects of erosion, and reduces demand for new, less worn-in trail) and a comprehensive strategy and network plan will be developed.
I'm so glad to see this happening. the trails aren't going anywhere, and thousands of people use them regularly, including myself. having them in places where they aren't doing damage, where they are being maintained and kept safe, is a win-win. IDK, this really made my day. I was out riding in the SW last night, and when I went to check my strava for the ride. It didn't list some trails I knew i was on, so I double-checked on trailforks. The City had done another round of de-listing, including Purgatory, which was probably the best legal trail in the city. hopefully with this new strategy, we won't lose any more trail like that.
E-scooters and e-bikes hit Edmonton’s streets this summer​

June 2, 2022

News media are invited to join Jessica Lamarre, Director of Safe Mobility and Traffic Operations, who will provide details on the program’s 2022 launch and how it fits within the City’s wider active transportation network. A representative from one of the vendors will be on-hand to provide information about their service as well.

Date: Friday, June 3
Time: 10 a.m.
Location: 83 Avenue & Gateway Boulevard, Southeast Surface Lot
.................(North of the public washrooms, next to the EPark lot)

Photo/video opportunities: E-scooters and e-bikes, parking site, Summer Street route on 104 Street (one block west) and 83 Ave bike lane.​

For more information:

Media contact:
Derek Logan
Communications Advisor
Communications and Engagement
The new MUP on 115St (speed bump road) behind the UAlberta farm is starting to be constructed - photo from today. The section through Malmo was poured and completed over the last week.
Screen Shot 2022-06-03 at 5.03.43 PM.png