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Cycling and Active Transportation in Edmonton

Victoria Park Road
Saskatchewan Drive from 109 St to 104 St
104 St from Saskatchewan Drive to 78 Ave
Woah, Calgary trail around Whyte? Props to the city, that'll make some people mad.

Victoria Park Road
Saskatchewan Drive from 109 St to 104 St
104 St from Saskatchewan Drive to 78 Ave
There were crews drilling yellow bollards into the road yesterday. Hopefully permanent infrastructure is planned soon for there.
Slight rant... I was pleasantly surprised about a week or so ago after the MUP along 111 St near the Blackmud Creek bridge had actually been swept of all the gravel on it.

Today however, the apartment complex on the corner of Saddleback Road and 111St had landscapers on their property doing spring cleaning (I presume), and of course they blew all the gravel, twigs, dirt, etc onto the MUP. Willing to see if they eventually clean it up later this week, but does anyone know if I can complain via 311 in case not?
I would think a call to 311 is reasonable and you if they don't clean up their mess, absolutely.
Maybe if it rains/windy as much as the forecast is calling for over the next day that might help, but really the landscapers should know better. More than likely they have a seasonal contract with that apartment complex, maybe call them too, could help?

@thommyjo Features a snippet from you at 1:27
Fort Saskatchewan makes great use of those; all the brown lines you see in this screenshot are shared-use trails. I think they have over 70km in total.
multi use path.PNG

@thommyjo Features a snippet from you at 1:27
Yeah! I’ll need to get them some nicer and busier shots this summer when it’s not 7am or 7pm in winter! Haha.

I sent them a shot that was sunny and included the funicular, but I guess it didn’t make the cut!

Trying to get Edmonton some of the recognition it deserves in the urban conversation! :) love our city!
Some key takeaways:

"Three companies — Bird, Lime, and Spin — offered e-scooters in Edmonton in 2021 thanks to an open application process that awarded a license to any provider that met the city’s operating criteria. This year, the city has introduced a competitive procurement process and is limiting the number of approved providers to two."

"The city is also limiting each approved provider to 750 e-scooters and, if available, 200 e-bikes."

"E-scooter companies will be evaluated on a variety of criteria, including “proposed solutions to unsafe road use and parking issues.”

"Approved licenses will be issued for 20 months, up from the previous 12 months, to provide providers with 'more certainty in how long they can operate and give them more room to plan based on customer needs.'"

"The city anticipates issuing licenses by mid-May, with providers launching their fleets shortly thereafter."