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Weather or not

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Vancouver Ottawa and Toronto tie for first place (think lack of precipitation); Edmonton comes in a balmy fourth and snowy Winnipeg is dead last.
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Balmy Edmonton ranks first with a high score, followed by Vancouver,Toronto, Winnipeg and Ottawa (dead last).
Some observable generalizations for winter:
Edmonton can alternate between severe cold and weather-wise winter warmth -- the cold snaps are typically fairly brief; the warm spells endure.
Vancouver while mild for most of the winter is persistently "wet", overcast and has high humidity. It is ideal from a low wind perspective
Winnipeg can also experience periods of extreme cold that can last longer than Edmonton's negatives.
Ottawa gets a ton of snow and with occasional high winds can see the white stuff drift to form snow berms.
Toronto while typically milder than all but Vancouver has consistently high icy winds off of Lake Ontario.
All said, the Canadian differences between cities is less pronounced than what gets chatted about from a weather perspective, anecdotally -- a solid reason why Edmonton should embrace its "winterness" and turn it into a mega-sized positive.
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Edmonton Wins again -- this time with a perfect cumulative score of 5.0 (the first time this has happened for any of the cities). Ottawa comes in second and Winnipeg third. Toronto is an "Also Ran" and Vancouver is Dead Last, dragged down by precipitation and high humidity.
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Another perfect score for Edmonton and the win; Toronto second, Vancouver third followed by Ottawa and (dead last) Winnipeg.
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Edmonton still in first place followed by Vancouver, Winnipeg, Ottawa and then Toronto in that order.
Catching up...
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Another Solid Win for Edmonton followed by Toronto, Vancouver/Ottawa (tied for third) and Winnipeg (dead Last)


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Another win for Edmonton (tied with Vancouver); Winnipeg and Ottawa tied for third and Toronto Dead Last.
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Another Win and a Perfect Score for Edmonton followed in order by Vancouver, Toronto, Winnipeg and (dead last) Ottawa.
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Edmonton drops to "Also Ran" as Ottawa improves to first place followed by Vancouver and Toronto. Winnipeg is dead last.
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Toronto picks up the Win followed by Winnipeg and Ottawa with Edmonton and Vancouver tied in last place.
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Toronto and Ottawa tied for first place; Vancouver third followed by Edmonton with Winnipeg bringing up the rear.
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Ottawa takes the lead with Toronto and Vancouver tied for second; Edmonton comes in fourth and Winnipeg is dead last.
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A three way tie for first between Edmonton, Vancouver and Winnipeg -- Ottawa and Toronto tied for fourth.