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I am not convinced Station Lands will have any transformative impact on downtown. As of right now I know which one of the two areas I would rather live for a variety of reasons. Time will tell I suppose.

I think the main thing isn't so much about what new development is going to be the most impactful on downtown Edmonton, but more so what's there all together. The Parks and Warehouse Park (along with whatever development comes with them) form the SW corner of a rectangle of amazing parts of downtown. Starting at the West side going clockwise we got NorQuest, MacEwan, ICE District, Station Lands, The Arts District, Enterprise Square, and now this "Park District". Along with the upcoming Valley Line coming through the middle of it all, when fully built out, these focal points will all form an awesome ecosystem of a fifteen minute district. Yes there are issues this part of Edmonton is trying to deal with, but I think lots of these developments will contribute to their solution, even if indirectly.
103ave from 105st to 109st will possibly be the worst stretch of road downtown after the warehouse park and planned projects around it are built out. This development and the shift will fill a massive gap. Hopefully 103ave sees love next decade.

Feels like a big miss to not add trees to sides or the median boulevard though with the recent repaving. Guess there’s not a lot of hope for the road in the short term.

I was looking at that stretch of 107th/103rd ave last night, comparing the park plan to the tram line that's being built. I don't think it's going to be a heavily used street for vehicle traffic at all, since it's awkward and will mostly lead to dead ends. What makes the most sense in my opinion would be a complete conversion to a shared street up to Railtown Park (just west of 109th).

Frankly, I don't understand the insistence on maintaining East/West vehicle traffic along this section of the downtown portion of the tram line. Most suburban drivers won't even realize that it's gone.