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SkyriseEdmonton (Site & Forum Discussions and Issues)

Live and open to all since last night. No marketing yet but that's coming. In the meanwhile you can all start promoting it. @Daveography
It may be featured in their daily podcast. They have a 10-15 minute podcast featuring two of their interviews/talking points of the morning. I'll keep you posted if it's on there.
They are since they are templates of each other. Just the content is different. That's it though for this year. Time to get people using them! @Daveography
So I was in a hit & run collision on my bike yesterday, and now have a broken clavicle. You'll have to forgive me not posting much for the next while during my recovery. It's hard to type when I have limited range of motion in my left arm :( Lugging a camera is right out too.
Ooooh, @Daveography get well soon! I know these kind of events can be extremely disorienting to say the least. I hope that you were able to get info on the driver of the vehicle that hit you. I, for one, am going to sorely miss your input on the Skyrise Cities site. I hope that you mend quickly -- speedy recovery -- so that you can return to lead us along this important path of discovery :(
Daveography! Feel better soon! I really appreciate everything you contribute here, but of course, your health is more important. Rest up, and look forward to your photo updates again in the future :)