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Old Strathcona & The Garneau Real Estate

Seems tailor-made for Beljan future-stock. Telus what you think, Chris?
Well, yes. We had looked at this building a little while back and at the time we couldn't make sense of it given that Telus was still planning on using a portion of the building. Anyways, this could become quite an interesting redevelopment.
@cmd uw it seems to me that with a little imagination and a skyward addition of one or two stories, Telus could be relocated away from ground floor possibilities -- updated tech-wise in the process -- freeing up space for Beljan magic (telus can always use a little updating). In the process, Telus becomes a long-term tenant and Ol-Strat benfits with another historical reno and more select Retail/Hospitality -- beautiful possibilities.
I believe that it was completed as there was a medical building that was going to go on it a few years ago.

That said, if it is now a residential use there might be additional requirements.
^oh ok. Yeah I remember the proposal. Well if the right developer comes along and brings a nice mixed use development I'd be happy. Something like the Roots on Whyte building would be nice to see. I think the foot print of that site is comparable to this empty lot. This one I think might even be a bit bigger.

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10507 Saskatchewan
Edmonton, AB
Investment For Sale
Freestanding Building
10,450 SF