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All for renaming. Seems like a weird choice though? Maybe a placeholder until the new neighbourhood name? Just feels...corny? Forced? Vs like 104th Square or something related to the location.
Pending the name of the new Warehouse District park, I hear Nathan Fillion Civillian Pavillion is still up for grabs ;)
I am told that Oliver Square has been renamed 'Unity Square'.
You certianly heard right; the name is already updated on Google Maps.
You certianly heard right; the name is already updated on Google Maps.
This is correct. Officially the areas are:

Unity Square West - 11604 to 11808 104 Avenue
Unity Square East - 11410 - 11590 104th Avenue
The Village at Unity Square - 11208 - 11366 104th Avenue

New signs are now going up so you can see the new logo and naming!
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More details:
Reference Id:Job No 401448951-002
Description:To construct exterior alterations (renewal of the exterior plaza on top of the existing roof and renewal of the existing canopy structure facing Jasper Avenue) to an existing Exhibition and Convention Facilities building. (Edmonton Convention Centre)
Plan 8222789 Lot A
Status:Intake - Payment Required
Create Date:2021/07/05

Going to EDC on August 3.

C.1. 16:40 Edmonton Convention Centre Renewal (for DP) - Dialog
^^^^ Another bad design -- absolutely destroys the street presence of the ECC behind which absorbs the sensibility of the river valley embankment. Where does this cr*pola come from?

Dialog the same place the Berlin Wall idea came from that was constructed to create a visual barrier from 97 Street on Jasper.