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Mercury 1 & 2...mostly all black, Skyrisecities, "YEAHHHHHH so cool! so modern!", This building, mostly all black, Skyrisecities, "BOO!!! what were they thinking?!"
I think the big difference between this and Mercury is Mercury looks like an urban, modern design while the Sunrise looks like a retrofit of an old Best Western. Not saying that to poke fun or say it looks "bad" but that's just the vibes it gives me.
One is an entirely new building designed from scratch. One is a retrofit of an old ugly building.

Sunrise is getting my vote of approval, the only thing better they could have done is to tear it down. Plus, why everyone hopped up on the idea that a building called sunrise is black? The black makes the colored panels stand out. Which are actually a specific color tone that resembles something...... hmmmmmmmm.......
It doesn't have the lighter beautiful main floor that Mercury does or the part in the middle that breaks it up. No those small squares don't quite do it, the dark is still a bit overwhelming and the structure remains plain.
Pretty sure what you see here is the maximum allowance in the developer's budget before a complete tear-down to surface parking conversion was a more viable option.
It is more a design issue. Unless the only thing in their budget is paint, there are some smaller not expensive things that could be done to improve this.