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According to this article, the UCP’s have $$$’s budgeted to this in their 2023 budget. Huh? I never saw it, unless it’s part of the “slush fund?”
It would make sense to keep it central and close to transit so it could serve the whole city. If you want to keep it with another health care facility, an interesting thought comes to mind - there is a fairly good size space in front of the old General Hospital which is just used as a surface parking lot. It is on a good transit route and not too far from LRT.
Would the SW hospital be connected to the South LRT line? I'm unfamiliar. I mean ideally in a new facility like that would be in the core but don't trust that's what will actually happen.
Unpopular opinion perhaps, but they could build this on the Corbett Quad and connect it to the parkade across the street from it, which is already connected to everything else
I could see it being SW near the new South hospital, but I wonder if there's some land available around South Campus ala the Superlab site.
There's plenty of surface parking around the Royal Alex. There's the parking lot NW at 111 Ave and Kingsway c/w a Metro Line LRT station, or there's the huge parking lot north of the Hys Centre where Wendy's used to be.
They have a giant parking/entrance area on the east side north of the Maz or I (Sadly) could see them taking that older building west of 114st down and putting it there on that massive appendage of a pedway.
I kind of think that latter mentioned building could be on the chopping block if they were to keep it on U of A grounds. In a perfect world they retain the red brick as a podium facade and build it up and connect it to the Health Sciences LRT station pedway as mentioned.

I could be out-to-lunch on this but is the Stollery not renowned here in western Canada for being thee hospital for pediatric cardiac procedures, due large in part to essentially being colocated with the Maz? That's what gives reason to keep it on U of A grounds and close to the main university hospital building imo.
It's unlikely to be moved from the U of A because many of the docs/surgeons etc are also tied in with other institutions there. The most likely locations are just east of the u of a hospital (but not east of the maz, rather the zeidler ledcor centre parking lot) or the location of the current canadian blood services building.
CWB Building


Seems like the old Honda/Scona Cycle on Whyte is undergoing some extensive maintenance. Outside is looking more cleaned up every day, and obviously lots of work being done on the interior. Anybody know what’s going on there?
Panther Health and Wellness Centre is opening up there:

Yoga studio, boxing gym and fitness facility with a juice bar, small rooms for massage therapy, acupuncturist and chiropractor services and nutrition classroom.