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Milner Emporium -- with the tag line "Need some ME time?"
-- Top Floor (12th) North Half devoted to a "Ghost Kitchen" that supplies all of the eateries within the building; South Half devoted to a Dining Hall replacing all of the windows on that level with perfect semi-circular "pop-out" glass feature windows giving vertical 180-degree views of the sky and the ground. The expansive roof could house solar panels.
-- 11th Floor, 10th Floor and 9th Floor would house kiosk-sized (averaging about 50 square metres each) retail entities that focus on artist creations (jewelry, sculpture, paintings, and all manner of hand-craft art and clothing items); these outlets would be managed by a building-owner-group so that they could run very short-term leases allowing artists to build up stock in their own homes/shops and then represent product in a sales scenario for as short a term as say 6-weeks -- meeting the public directly -- thereafter being replaced by another artist for another short term.
-- 8th Floor would house a Food Court entitled "Eat ME at Ate Already" that not only has creative locally-based eateries (unusual menus) but also has an out-of-this-world XR experience featuring skill games, AR outré "happenings", and Busker Stations for musicians, and other acts through the whole alphabet and back to magicians. This floor would repeat the "pop-out" glass feature window exceptionality.
-- 7th floor down to the second -- a boutique hotel with in-room "sheltered" games and closed-circuit Movie Entertainment fare.
-- Ground Floor -- a Beer Garden that features all-weather, roof-protected, out-door space and glass-enclosed administration and hotel management space.
-- The 8th through 12th floors would operate from 5pm 'til 2am daily.
I have very mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, I think what was being done actually made very good sense from a planning perspective to encourage more street front retail, which we do need. However, for reasons somewhat unique to Edmonton and the current time it hasn't worked as well as hoped and there is now quite a bit of empty newer retail space particularly downtown.

If I understand correctly, this should not change this on say a place like 104 Street which is primarily commercial, but will give more flexibility in primarily residential areas. However, I am concerned that landlords will try use this to to make less effort to fill the commercial/retail space and try convert it to residential in areas where it is not appropriate.
They have a giant parking/entrance area on the east side north of the Maz or I (Sadly) could see them taking that older building west of 114st down and putting it there on that massive appendage of a pedway.
It might be good to have at the U of A, but the University and hospital area there is fairly constrained for space.

So I get the sense from this they may also be looking elsewhere, but I think a big issue is the financial commitment.

I gather from this money is only budgeted for planning at this point.
If not around the U of A then maybe near the Quarters with pedway access to Churchill. Plenty of vacant land there connected to all 3 transit lines. 97St and 103a/104 Ave should be able to accommodate the ambulance traffic easily enough.