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A Simons in downtown Edmonton would be awesome! I shop at Simons more than The Bay (which lost my business when they closed their downtown location).
However I'm not sure about Simons distancing rules, given that there are 2 Simons locations at WEM and Londonderry.
But then again, rules can be modified. Or broken. :)
I don’t know if it’s just because I’m in my 20s, but something I feel is never addressed with regard to the Bay, especially the downtown location closing, is that…. The Bay is…. Terrible?? Like. I once got gift cards to the Bay for Christmas and I wandered around for like an hour trying to find literally any clothing I wanted to buy. I wound up buying a few sweaters I only half-liked and now I never wear any of them.

The only thing I ever found it good at was fragrances. It’s a terrible shopping experience, feels woefully outdated even in its best locations, and carries a sad selection of mediocre clothing.

I think a Simons downtown would have had a radically different story to tell. I shop there constantly. Edmonton’s downtown is largely residential, not largely corporate, and it’s a young population. We don’t shop at The Bay.

Give us a Simons, a Lululemon and a Winners and you'll see A LOT of downtown residents shopping, getting life to the streets, instead of going all the way to WEM or Londonderry.

One thing that seems to go overlooked by a lot of people is that most downtown residents chose to live here and would love to have all that the urban lifestyle can offer, but simply can't, because it is just assumed that people will prefer to drive their cars all the way to the great 'Burbs.

People who live downtown would almost certainly prefer to go to ECC, or street retail (and don't BS me with the density talk, between DT, Oliver, Grandin, Garneau and Strathcona ALONE, we have roughly 100k residents that, for the majority, would probably love to shop closer to home, especially those without cars). The thing is, as much as I love the idea of supporting local, there is no denying that we need foot traffic drivers that cater to the demographics of the are, such as a Simons, Rec Room, hell, even a Walmart would do well in downtown.
This probably deserves its own thread... (maybe one already exists)
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