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One less house of scum and villainy
Okay Mother Theresa.

Actually I apologize, I shouldn't use her name in vain by comparing you and her.

used with permission
We want ALL types of jobs in Edmonton, including the "fancy IT" ones. If they're all call centre jobs, sweet, we have office vacancies to fill with very good telecom solutions available.

Trying to be picky over the type of jobs we attract is a losing strategy
Edmonton actually had quite a run with call centres in the early 1990's when we seemed to be desperate to get anything. As the economy here improved over the next decade, I think a number of them closed or moved to where wages were lower and it was easier to find staff.

I think the issue being raised here is more about hype than being picky.
I wonder what the cause of the Milla fire was. there was a fire in a shed in the back a few months ago, then i noticed the carriage house (for lack of a better term) along the alley was burned out last week. Now the building itself is gone. 3 fires on the property doesn't feel coincidental.
Arson? Insurance fraud? Some other dramatic and entertaining reason?
The pattern sure points toward arson/insurance fraud, but also consider it's been the first couple cold nights we've seen this fall. Could easily be squatters trying to keep warm lighting the place up on accident,
I think the negativity about the Mila building was about its more recent state, not its history. I thought it was an interesting design and feel bad it is gone.

Yet another building from a much earlier era allowed to decline and deteriorate. I think in this case it was in a particularly rough area, which probably limited the possibilities to rehabilitate or reuse it.

It would be good to see something built on this site that would have a more positive impact in the area, but that may be too optimistic here.