Maclab Garneau | Laurent | Eleanor | 98.14m | 30s | Maclab Development

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I wonder if all these sod turning events will be part of the Global National newscast that is being broadcast from Edmonton today at 5:30pm - If there's an interview with Iveson like there was with Nenshi, I would expect those would be mentioned along with the hydrogen plant and airport industry and agri-food in terms of Edmonton diversifying it's economy.
My bet is Walterdale Bridge will be in the backdrop of the newscast - love that structure.
Diamond Schmitt
20h • Edited • 20 hours ago

Principal Ana Maria Llanos joins Mayor of #Edmonton Don Iveson, Marc De La Bruyère and Bill Blais of Maclab Development Group, and Russell Zirnhelt of Ledcor for the #Garneau Residential Development sod turning event, a major #milestone for this project.


Whats going on with the building in the background that is wrapped?
Whats going on with the building in the background that is wrapped?
That's Sir Douglas Bader tower, used to park a block away from it everyday when going to uni. Low income housing building. It's ugly as sin but has a certain unique charm to it.
On the “Major Alberta Projects@ website….they have the Falcon 1 listed at only 55M. Coincidentally, this project is listed at 140M……pretty sure
Not surprised, Falcon One will be built with cheaper materials than the Maclab project, as Langham typically does for their other high rise product. Also, the Maclab project cost includes two towers, a shared podium and the associated parkade, which is at least twice the scope of Falcon One.