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I kind of get what you are saying @EdmTrekker. I've always felt that the buildings rendered didn't seem as tall as stated. For example, the taller one here is taller than Augustana's lofty 96 metres but seems much shorter to me too.
I think it is the offset placement of the balconies, or massing, that visually reduces the 30 floors/98 metres height somewhat. (108m with mech/max)
Does this earlier massing look that tall? No, but it is

The render from the header is from the latest posted way back in Feb/27/20 (stating the same height) and we haven't seen anything different yet. I sure hope there are no reductions and doubt that there would be.
NO reductions - west tower is 100m and west tower is 70m. 447 dwellings between the two towers.
Permit Type
Major Development Permit
Permit Date
Aug 24, 2021
Description of Development
To construct a 217 Dwelling Multi-unit Housing building, with main floor Specialty Food Service (less than 100 occupants / 120sq.m. of Public Space) and Health Service Uses, and an underground parkade.
8327 - 112 STREET NW


Once this building is there, the walk past this block will be so much nicer. I remember in recent years walking pass this parking lot going to or coming from classes at the U of A. Summertime was okay but the winter time it would have been nice not to have a big empty right there. This will tie the street together much better. If only something could be done with building directly south where the setback is so far away from the road due to the parking lot in front of the building.
Diamond Schmitt
20h • Edited • 20 hours ago

Principal Ana Maria Llanos joins Mayor of #Edmonton Don Iveson, Marc De La Bruyère and Bill Blais of Maclab Development Group, and Russell Zirnhelt of Ledcor for the #Garneau Residential Development sod turning event, a major #milestone for this project.