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Aug 19, 2018
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Saw this pop up recently on 112st near U of A
This is a very good area right by the university, so I hope they do something interesting with the design!:)
It is too early to rate this development but it does deserve ** because it is causing the demise of surface parking and a brownfield site and with two substantial towers is adding oomph to the UofA precinct. Let's see what the architecture brings to the equation.

  • Diamond Schmitt Architects
  • West Tower: approximately 19 storeys (73 metres) in height - 174 student housing units
  • East Tower: approximately 30 storeys (98 metres) in height - 270 market units
  • A maximum of 444 dwellings
  • A maximum Floor Area Ratio of 9.0
  • Maximum Tower Floor Plates of 800m2 (east, market tower) and 1100m2 (west, student tower)
  • Reduced parking based on student housing and the opportunity for a shared vehicle program
  • Parking provided underground
  • Three-bedroom units that are family-oriented
  • Streetscape improvements along 86 Avenue and 112 Street
  • Public art contributions
  • Public park improvements
FYI this is a Maclab Development Group project. Maclab has recently shifted their focus to do some vertical developments. They also have in the works Jasper and 108th with John Day however, I don't expect to see movement on that until Augustana Redevelopment is done.
@OverheardatYEG Thanks for the insight! I wonder if they're one of the partners on Edmonton Motors, too? I know there are at least three, and two of them are Pangman and AIMCo.
It could be true I'll reach out to my contacts but I know Pangman and some financial institution is supposed to be collaborating on the completion of this project as well. (86ave 112st)

Proposed rezoning in Garneau for two residential towers
January 15, 2019

Edmontonians are invited to a drop-in engagement session for the proposed rezoning of a parcel of land north of 86 Avenue NW and east of 112 Street NW.

Date: Tuesday, January 22
Time: 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.
Location: McKernan Community League Hall, 11341 78 Avenue NW

The proposed rezoning from Commercial Office Zone (CO) and High Rise Apartment Zone (RA9) to a Direct Development Control Provision (DC2) would allow for the development of two high rise residential towers (approximately 19 and 30 storeys) with a maximum of 444 units. The towers would feature ground level commercial use fronting 112 Street and underground parking. This application includes an amendment to the Garneau Area Redevelopment Plan to facilitate the proposed rezoning.

The session provides an opportunity to learn more about the proposed rezoning and share feedback with the City and the applicant. Feedback will be summarized in a report to City Council when the proposed rezoning goes to Public Hearing.

For more information: > Planning Applications

Media contact:
Karen Burgess
Communications Advisor
Urban Form & Corporate Strategic Development
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I really like the design of these buildings. Always nice to keep building up south of the river, too!

Edit: WOW! three and FOUR bedroom units? That's really cool!
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