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These three renderings were displayed at Macewan’s 50th Anniversary celebration today..
The gentleman I spoke with said they are aiming for a 2024 start and a Sept 2026 opening.
This one is from 109 St and 105 Ave looking south east.

This one is from 109 St and mid block between 104 and 105 Ave, looking northeast.

And the last one is from 105 Ave and 108 St looking south west.

This one has the potential to be a real looker.
Had a chance to see some updated renderings in person recently, they look pretty slick. I don't have any access to the digital files though. Maybe MacEwan will share them sometime soon.
Good to hear!

Even the public renderings look like this is a class building. Someone at MacEwan knows about good architecture. MacEwan has been such a boost to the downtown - I think we need to recognize that more and think about how we could further boost its impact - we need an official student ghetto a la Montreal.