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So now that the SAMU building is done, could this be the next MacEwan project?

Probably, but considering how much of a dumpster fire Alberta is right now, especially in respects to post-secondary funding, I very highly doubt we'll see that built anytime in the next 5 years is my guess
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from the COVID perspective, divide each class into 2 or 3 groups and have them attend classes every 2nd or 3rd days. Student that are home can continue class lectures online when it is their turn to stay at home.
Road closure (that's part of this project) goes to Council on Jan. 26:


That's their preference; as discussed in their long-term redevelopment plan. They acknowledge that they have 'turned their back' to their neighbours to the north and want to open things up to them for a variety of reasons.

Personally, I'd love to see the school of business across the Ave south on the east side of 108st to fill those lots and better connect it to Norquest and our broader Downtown business community.
I dont think they turned their back to the north. When MacEwan was built, everything north was super industrial catered to what was once an industrial trainer hub. Over time, our city has progressed, and this will just become part of that organic growths that has occured to the area since those tracks were closed down around 1988...

If anything, the university has added aesthetics to the north. I'm 51 and those around my age or older that has witnessed what this area once was will confirm...
So I don't know if this is where the proposed business building was going to be but a little update from the MacEwan area, the piece of land just north of the SAMU building has been completely cleaned up and has been sodded over completely. There is temporary fencing to protect the sod but I expect that this will become a new green space for the next long while for MacEwan university which will be good as there is limited green space at this campus. It would be nice if they could plant a few trees there too.
I'm not accusing you if anything fyi but just adding a different perspective. What we have north of MacEwan now are industrial buildings transformed and new developments that popped up after 2000s.
One thing i've noticed, just during the last few years since Rogers Place started construction onwards, is some of those warehouses turning into commercial-retail type spaces. there's a rock climbing gym, a couple cafes, some art galleries, and even a purpose-built student housing building with streetfront retail. it's crazy to see these spaces evolve, often on low budgets. it's the small start of a student ghetto!
IDK how fast things will grow; there is less traffic to drive businesses as opposed to being south of 104, but maybe as the student body of Macewan grows we will see more growth here, turning 105 into a pedestrian destination. there's residential going up West of 109, I think East of 109 is gonna be slower, given it doesn't have the 'Oliver' cachet, and no shiny new LRT line serving the area.