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LRT Safety

Kinda sorta, but I am not sure that the number of Bay stores is a measure of success these days.

Regardless, they are not wrong about what they saw/felt.
City to respond to provincial public safety funding announcement​

April 4, 2023

Mayor Amarjeet Sohi, and John McDougall, Past Chair of the Edmonton Police Commission, will comment on the Government of Alberta’s announcement of additional funding for the City of Edmonton.

Justin Krikler, Acting Chief Administrative Officer, Corporate Services of the Edmonton Police Service, and Carrie Hotton-MacDonald, Branch Manager of the Edmonton Transit Service, will be available to answer questions.

Date: Tuesday, April 4
Time: Noon
Location: 2nd Floor Media Room, City Hall​
Kinda sorta, but I am not sure that the number of Bay stores is a measure of success these days.

Regardless, they are not wrong about what they saw/felt.
Every DT on the planet sucks right now.......newspaper letters like this drive me nuts! Lets ask this guy/gal if he's ever been to Van, Sea, "Peg, Tor, Cgy, Omaha, San Fran.......etc. Let me guess, this person probably doesn't have a passport and lives in her/his moms's basement........

Do like this bit from that article:


On Tuesday, Alberta also announced an investment of almost $8 million over three years to increase the number of Police and Crisis Teams (PACT) in Calgary and Edmonton.

The PACT program pairs police constables with mental health therapists from Alberta Health Services (AHS) to respond to 911 calls where there is a mental health concern.

Police and mental health therapists then work together to assess the client’s mental health challenge and determine what support is required to keep the individual and the community safe.

Through the funding, Alberta will add 12 new PACT teams in each city, doubling the number in Calgary from 12 to 24, and tripling them in Edmonton, where they will grow to 18.

Although another question of why did Calgary have double the number of PACT teams relative to Edmonton in the first place? They have obviously been well needed for years now.
I really do hope resources like this move the needle (no pun intended). What I've seen since trying to grapple this issue is both a lack of resources due to front line burnout, staffing issue, lack of recruitment, but also in general underdelivering of services to really truly prioritize Downtown. I could be totally wrong but that's what it seems like to me. There's crime everywhere but the resources need to go where the need is most and I don't see that happening right now.
Just throwing money at it. They need to restore and expand the addiction services. Maybe add more shelter space and find ways to get people off the street.
Took the LRT for the first time in over a year. Cops with assault rifles standing around Coliseum station, junkies wigging out in Churchill Station, an agreesive man wacked out of his mind trying to talk to strangers (myself included) with a needle in his hand at University Station.

Can't say I'm in much of a hurry to take LRT again. Today I drove to the office
^my sister and nephew used to take the LRT for rides, to events at the Winspear, Citadel, RAM and have not since COVID and have told me that given all of the issues they won't be for the indefinite future:(
doesn't matter how many cops are out there if you don't address the fundamental problem the issues will always exist. And cops with asault rifles reminds me of every train station in Europe.