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LRT Safety

From this report going to the urban planning committee: "Administration is exploring an underground cellular coverage solution
with a public communications network."

I thought this was put on the back burner when the Train-to-Wayside project was defunded in the budget, it's a nice surprise to see that they're apparently still moving ahead with the cellular coverage at least.
Unprovoked assault at Southgate LRT:(

Insert generic quote here of "we will continue to work to make transit safe" from insert generic public official/agency here

Very sad that continuously everyday people that need to or want to take transit continue to have to take transit in fear for their wellbeing
I recognize that it is nearly impossible to 'defend' against a random, unprovoked attack, but it is clear to me that we are not doing enough to protect the general public in and around our transit centres.
Yup... Toronto and Calgary are both seeing serious issues as well.

Sadly, it makes me question so many of our fellow Canadians...