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General Infill Discussion

Alberta set a monthly record on restaurant and bar spending in December 2018, totaling $810 million. The average Albertan spent almost $190 on dining out.
Interesting stat that correlates with min wage/food prices increasing. It would be interesting to see data on how many people eat out. That type of data isn't really possible of course.
I guess this will be the best place to post on this however, I was hoping to gauge interest from people to see if they would like this style of redevelopment. I personally think it would be very interesting.

Living right behind rogers place along 106 ave I'm exposed to much of the cities "worst". I put it in quotations because really it isn't bad at all, I've lived here for 2 years now and I find it's actually an awesome place to live and the people are actually great. Yes, there's homelessness however, they do not disturb you they don't bug you sure they may ask you for change here and there but that's all really. That being said I believe there are a lot more people like me that could learn a bit more about living in this part of town. I'd love to develop and infill project targeting the "middle class" in my neighbourhood.

Walking around I've discovered the Edmonton Supply building which I've come across many times now. This building I feel would be perfect for repurposing to a multi use building maybe with a nice coffee shop in the base and maybe a local bar down below as well then rentals on top and down the wing. Well enough of my vision what are y'alls thoughts on what this could become???

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@OverheardatYEG That's a fantastic idea! If the coffee shop were run like The Moth or The Nook in support of the community (rather than trying to gentrify it), with affordable housing units above, that would be such an amazing addition to the area and a great re-use of this building and a model for others like it.
@OverheardatYEG As an aside, I used to live in "Little Mogadishu" (109 St & 107 Ave area) and despite its reputation it was a neighbourhood rich in character, independent shops, and lovely friendly people. Of course there was some crime and other social disorder, but not nearly to the degree people perceive. Certainly no more than any further-out neighbourhoods have, based on conversations going on in local groups on Facebook or NextDoor.
^ Is it for sale and is it vacant?
I don't believe it's for sale but it is entirely vacant and whoever owns it has demo'ed the inside.

I would love to see a moth/nook style café within it and the style of building would be perfect for low income housing. I think it would be an excellent project.