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General Food & Dining Thread


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I love pancakes and am looking forward to trying Stacked but that Mill Woods Pizza Hut had been there forever and was one of the last locations still offering a lunch buffet. Unlimited pizza, dessert pizza, make-your-own sundaes, and a salad bar for around $12-14 when I was last there just a couple of years ago.

Brew and Bloom is great and I'm really looking forward to having a location close enough I could ride a bike to.

This place used to be a real treat before Oiler games in the 80's. Can't remember the name back then - now it's called "Duster's."

It's been Duster's since at least the late 90s. Dallas Steak & Pizza is now in Forest Heights on 106 Ave and 79 street
I wasn't sure if it was the inclement weather or if it was the NHL playoffs, but the turnout for the Tasty Truck festival at Fan Park was quite disappointing when I went by around 1 PM today. I did enjoy the Lobster Mac & Cheese from the Black Sheep Eatery and the lemonade from Likkle Lemon.