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EllisDon to Lead Prairie Link High-Speed Rail Partners - Edm-RD-Cal

This is a false dichotomy. We also "spend" limited resources through the opportunity cost of not collecting revenue. It is reasonable to discuss generating sufficient revenue to have schools, hospitals AND trains.

100%. Alberta has the money for this to not be an either/or issue, and I feel like any outward statement of a "tight budget" is just a political move at this point.
While WTI prices did have a bit of a rough day today I am confident TMX allowing for expanded production is going to be a boon for provincial coffers. Some of these rail projects are about striking now to set us up for the future and improving the value proposition for those that have recently or yet to arrive in this province.
I think some of the letters speak for a lot of people. Population mobility is important for a growing population. However, schools and health care are also high priority.
Lets not forget that the recently yet again cancelled Edmonton hospital, badly needed because population here has doubled since the last one was built over 30 years ago, was cancelled because it was too expensive.

Yet, this project will be probably be far more expensive that that. So I don't think politically that will go over very well.