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EllisDon to Lead Prairie Link High-Speed Rail Partners - Edm-RD-Cal

The market is there today, the inflated tourist fares are there today, the automobile congestion issues that could be partially resolved is there today, the opportunity for workers to use it to commute and avoid living costs has potential and much of the right-of-way/route is ready, today.

And yes, selfishly I'd be the first to use it.
The only line that makes sense is YYC-YYCDT-Banff.
Wrong. All the routes Edmcowboy suggested are feasible IMO with regular rolling stock, nothing fancy. The Alberta and Canadian governments need to step in and fund reliable and frequent intercity rail. There are no excuses at this point. The population is there. The density is there. You can look at comparable examples in other parts of the world. What is missing is the political will.
The density is FAR from there, as is the support once arrived at various locations.
The density is FAR from there, as is the support once arrived at various locations.
I would love to see some evidence to back up this claim.

Look anywhere in the world with a decent passenger rail network, and a city pair like Calgary/Edmonton would have dozens, if not hundreds of departures each day between the two. Just because Canada is far behind when it comes to intercity rail, doesn’t mean it’s not feasible.

And as for the “support” at various locations. What? Do you mean the multiple LRT lines, extensive bus network, bike/scooter share, Uber/taxi, pick-up/drop-off, parking is not enough “support”? Do you think every train station needs to be served by a metro or something? People can find ways of getting to/from train stations in other parts of the world, not sure why it would be any different here?
Companies like EllisDon don't put this level of effort into a project if there isn't a business case. Edm-Cgy will happen. It's relatively flat, not crossing any provincial boundaries and only 300km apart with a pop of 3m and growing fast. It boggles the mind that so many people wouldn't blink an eye at $5b+ of public money being spent on an extra lane on QEII with zero return on investment but go nuts at the idea of the province being involved even peripherally in an HSR project (for example by helping accumulate required land, etc).
Time to retire the old thinking. Roads aren't profitable so I'm not sure why railways always need to be. It's about moving people, providing alternative methods of travelling, and saving the planet at the same time.
In my mind, people like IanO can't really be advocates for density if they're only willing to advocate for cars as methods for intercity travel.
I can certainly say that if I was travelling to Calgary from Edmonton in the dead of winter I would love for there to be HSR option. Imagine not having to worry about the extreme weather events/ accidents that seem to happen weekly along the QEII. Living in the type of climate we do for 6 months of the year with road conditions the way they are, I would say there are multiple reasons to provide an alternative mode of transportation that reduces the amount of vehicle traffic along the busiest highway in Alberta.