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Edmonton's Population

Local realtors, as per word of mouth and a couple blogs I read, are seeing more Calgarians shopping for homes in Edmonton as they are being priced out of the market.
I've come across lots of people in my work from Calgary and even further like Vancouver or Toronto looking for stuff for their new properties here, the concerning thing though in my opinion is that I haven't met many that are planning to live here but instead just add to their real estate portfolios.
Presumably someone local will be living in the property if they rent it out, unless they intend to leave it vacant for some reason. Of course that still has an impact on local real estate prices.

But that's the thing about the national affordability situation. We are long used to living in our own self contained market, but many people here don't fully grasp how that could soon significantly change.
Ok, but nobody uses or says Vancouver is 681,000.

CMAs make more sense in this case.
Yes, and the municipal areas in many cities are already quite built out, so probably a good amount of the growth is now in the CMA area.

For instance, I don't think Vancouver's population of 681,000 has changed that much in a long time. Much of the growth is in the suburban communities surrounding it.