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Edmonton's Population

22 days until the first batch of census data gets released!* The first batch, according to the release plan, includes the population and dwelling counts.
*I love that they put a live countdown on the website.
Looks like Covid threw a wrench in things didn't quite make it to that 1.5 million point as of July 1, 2021. I do believe as of Jan. 2022 we would have exceeded 1.5 million, things are booming out there. I guess we'll see the census results next, and then further estimates from Stats Can. Edmonton, Ottawa, and Calgary are really neck and neck, but (for the first time in forever?) Edmonton is clearly out ahead of Ottawa.
Edmonton's lead is only around 4,000 and given that the lead hasn't been much more than that over the past few years I reckon that lead isn't set in stone...yet.
What does it really mean to have a population of 1.48 million? Just for fun, here are some well-known cities that Edmonton has now surpassed in population:

Tbilisi, Georgia - 1,485,293
Auckland, New Zealand - 1,463,000
Oslo, Norway - 1,420,962
Adelaide, Australia, 1,359,760
Geneva, Switzerland - 1,260,000
Jerusalem, Israel - 1,253,900
Antwerp, Belgium - 1,120,000
Kingston, Jamaica - 1,190,763
Tuscon, USA - 1,043,433
Nice, France - 1,006,402
Honolulu, USA - 963,826
Edinburgh, United Kingdom - 901,455
Verona, Italy - 714,310
Macau, China SAR - 680,000

Edmonton is rapidly approaching:
New Orleans, USA - 1,510,672
Muscat, Oman - 1,560,000
Zurich, Switzerland - 1,615,000
Helsinki, Finland - 1,671,024
Glasgow, United Kingdon - 1,854,866

And somewhat further in the distance:
Nashville, USA - 2,090,859
Dublin, Ireland - 2,107,749
Havana, Cuba - 2,117,625
Perth, Australia - 2,125,114
Beirut, Lebanon - 2,200,000
Austin, USA - 2,295,303
Las Vegas, USA - 2,364,017
Mogadishu, Somalia - 2,388,000
Stockholm, Sweden - 2,400,000
Vienna, Austria - 2,600,000
Sapporo, Japan - 2,636,254
Kyoto, Japan - 2,801,044

In all cases I have used the most generous numbers available for a particular region/city. I have listed cities of interest. Feel free to quibble with my selections or numbers.

The city is now big enough to get some worldwide attention. Hope we can share what's happening in Edmonton and alert the world to the opportunities here.
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The population gap between Edmonton and Calgary is once again, closing! Edmonton grew faster than Calgary!
On a sadder note, Edmonton is one of the few cities in the country to lose some of its core population.
On the bright side, theres a lot of core projects and developments happening this next couple years that should bring this up!
Wow results today very interesting: Ottawa CMA is bigger than Calgary! Ottawa has overtaken both Calgary and Edmonton in this round of results.

Edmonton's core/downtown population stagnant at 55k for 4 years but still bigger than Calgary or Ottawa.

City of Edmonton itself breaches the 1 million mark with population of 1,010,899.

Edmonton CMA at 1, 418,118 (July 1, 2021). Growing 7.3% between censuses which was noted to be faster than Calgary (6.4%). Matches Vancouver's growth rate of 7.3%. Also exceeds Winnipeg (6.6%), Toronto (4.6%), Montreal (4.6%) but exceeded by Ottawa (8.5%), Halifax (9.1%).

Surprise winner is Ottawa on multiple categories.

Edmonton has performed very well overall.

In Alberta, Edmonton is the second-fastest growing CMA, first place is Canmore which grew at 14.3% (from 13,992 to 15,990). Edmonton's growth rate exceeded all other Alberta communities. Edmonton grew faster than Calgary (6.4%), Red Deer (0.4%), Wood Buffalo (0.7%), Grande Prairie (1.5%), Lethbridge (5.5%), Medicine Hat (-0.2%) and all others.
Always love to see these numbers although I understand there is a undercount adjustment that needs to happen at some point this year which on a percentage basis can fluctuate a fair bit from place to place.

Looking at the downtown numbers though for Edmonton that is sad and a bit surprising (although I don't know which boundaries are used) just looking at projects that had already been completed (like Legends/Sky/Augustana) would have outweighed the loss of units (places like El Mirador).

Good growth for Edmonton specific (less so for Alberta). I wonder what the reasons Edmonton fared a little better than Calgary for growth. Not that it was a major gap but notable.