The Flats - Rossdale | 35.05m | 10s | Parkwood | Dub Architects

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Looks like they're completing one flat at a time

Are these townhouses built without basements? The photo, or my take on it, shows that there will be crawl space which may be unusable and inaccessible? Anyone else seeing the same or are there other photos of the construction or floor plans ...not that the townhouse floor plans would how crawl space. But if you are buying here would would want to know - and whether there are any utilities that may at some point in time need servicing or access because of flooding etc.
You can see that these are a half storey up/down front to rear with no basements.

Good design, eh;)
So these units were priced at $625,000 and up and the price has just been reduced by $100,000 across the board for all units.

Why? I was told the following:

"With recent stabilization of availability and costs of construction materials, pricing for The Flats has been revised, and the developer is passing those savings on to YOU."

There is an open house Saturday on site in one of the units even though it is still in framing stage. But people can get a good idea of the space and the views.