The Flats - Rossdale | 35.05m | 10s | Parkwood | Dub Architects

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This is what I was getting at. As a missing middle project located in the infill, which has been notoriously difficult to produce, people are still complaining its not walk-able enough? Get real.
For those that find the up hill walk daunting, there is also a bus stop right around 98 Ave and Bellamy Hill Road.
Pretty sure we all think this is a great project, it's just unfortunate that there aren't amenities closer by. Hopefully the flats see more projects like this and eventually gets some retail.
More people in area = more the financials on retail make sense. Baby steps.
Riverdale is significantly more walkable and littered with outstanding small retail. Daycares, bakeries, coffee shops, etc.
Very good point. Perhaps the goal should be not to have to go up the hill for as much. I also think the major roads around Rossdale do not help it to be as walkable.

However, there are at least two places where some small retail should be developed - the Power Plant site and around the ball park. Perhaps getting more people living in the area will help attract some retail.
There is always the Rossdale Brewery - that is, if Gene Dub finally gets off his arse and does something with it.
There's also the strip of office spaces across from The Flats that runs along 97 Ave.
Or how about something in the Ortona Armoury once that is completed?
A shot taken from the funicular this past Saturday afternoon
DSC_0262 (2).jpg
Anyone with info on sales?

From their website, no idea how current this is. Lets hope they sell quick to ensure Phase 2 (which I'm most excited for) moves fast thereafter.