The Flats - Rossdale | 35.05m | 10s | Parkwood | Dub Architects

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@crisp If you check the Administration report, you'll see it's the same proposal.

The three bylaws taken together will:
  1. Update the Rossdale ARP and exclude the sites from the existing DC1,
  2. Close the public roadway between what are two currently separate sites, and
  3. Consolidate the sites as one under a single DC2 zone
D.2 10075 - 98 Avenue NW (Development Permit)
Daniel Hanna - Parkwood Builders
C. Holmes left the meeting due to a conflict with this project

Motion of support with conditions
The Committee recommends that the Applicant work with Administration to:
● Further explore the architectural design of the rear facades, including materials
and articulation (as described and illustrated in the DC2), as well as laneway
enhancements such as surfacing, lighting, and landscaping, to create a
pedestrian-oriented alley experience and establish the context for Phase 2 of the
● Review sidewalk linkages with respect to lighting and CPTED.


Prices starting in the 600s, so a higher price point than their similar project in Cloverdale (which is sold out!) - but these are larger and feature a whopping 5 bathrooms for those who love to clean toilets. If you don't like cleaning toilets, and so they can market to a bit wider spectrum of buyers, you can rotate bathrooms or just put an out of order sign on one or two of them.
Marketing websites rarely seem to contain any accurate info, but it says they are hoping to break ground in May with possession spring 2022 for the townhomes.
I always like outer rim developers taking a shot on more inner city stuff. Project looks quality so far.

Agree with the post earlier in the thread--be cool to get just a bit more density and hopefully see a touch of commercial around the Rossdale neighbourhood. A café or even a little corner store/bodega would be nice (or even better BUILD ONE INTO ONE OF THE PUMPHOUSES ON THE RIVER ALREADY)