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I guess wrong thread but in that agenda, noticed a Hat @ 124... Cidex development? Wonder where down the strip..
C.1 Parkwood Rossdale (Rezoning / Formal)
Evan Joyes - Associated

MOTION: A. Benoit
Motion of Support with Conditions.

The Committee recommends the Applicant work with Administration on the following:
● Ensuring that the proposed DC regulation aligns with the drawings provided. The
Committee noted key discrepancies related to the urban design interface (ie.
wrapping parkade with active uses and landscaping) and the laneway treatment.
● Continuing to refine the articulation of the south facade (and aligning the DC
regulations as appropriate).
● Resolving off-site improvements (related to landscaping and streetscaping) and
community amenity contribution (related to the proposed pocket park).

SECONDED: D. Deshpande
FOR THE MOTION: W. Sims, A. Zepp,, D. Deshpande, D. Brown, A.Benoit
AGAINST: T. Antoniuk, S. Kaznacheeva

Apparently this item was actually referred back to Administration on the Feb 4 hearing:
That Bylaws 19133, 19134 and Charter Bylaw 19135 be referred back to Administration to work with the applicant on potential revisions to address comments from the Edmonton Design Committee and return to the March 31, 2020, City Council Public Hearing.
I'm not sure why I thought it passed. My bad!

In any case, the rezoning is back up at Public Hearing on March 31:
SIRE Public Access
(Items 3.10 - 3.12)
Only took a gander at the renderings of bylaw 19133, this is a different site than what has been discussed in this thread. Looks like it is one street over on 100Street.