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Qualico can not just build as they please. CN is not owned by Qualico.
there are - or at least there were - reciprocal access agreements through the cn tower main floor and lower level lobby areas although the lower level space may have been "reclaimed" for tenant use. there were some interesting reciprocal access agreements contemplated between the cn tower, station lands, ram and the galleria at various levels for pedestrians as well as vehicles but nothing materialized from those conceptual discussions.
I like it in theory, the way they've run it right up along the side of the CN tower podium with nothing else going on I think actually highlights the podium.

I don't know much about the inside of the CN tower, but the podium is all parking, right? Would it be viable to connect the CN tower to the walkway on the 2nd floor? Add an entrance on the backside up there so it's not just a walkway wandering past a featureless wall.
Ground Floor has CRU's (daycare, convenience store, small eatery), but there is also a north facing entrance at the back there that opens into this proposed park. Currently used as a pathway to a ground floor entrance to EPCOR Tower, but has been closed for the last couple months due to a flood.
Picked up an interesting blurb from the City's report into Downtown CRL Catalyst Project Priorities (Attachment 3 from March 20 Executive Committee):

"The City is committed to improving 105 Avenue conditional on Qualico beginning construction of a second phase of Station Lands by December 31, 2024."