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What do you think of this project?

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Don’t often go north but as this has been going up along with the renovation starting on that white building just north of 106 Av it gives a pretty good impression of what the area could become at least in the last few times I’ve driven up 101 st. Hoping it sparks some other proposals in the area along with what’s missing from the ice district cause I dream of 101st being a nice commercial street that transitions nicely from downtown rather than the invisible wall that is 105 Av.
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Yes, it can become a street that transitions better from downtown, this project and the renovation of the white building can help that start to happen.

Couple different angles, looking forward to continued progress in 2024!
A bit of an insight/update on Stationlands residential.

'Kamil Rus
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Senior Project Manager at Ledcor
One of the last major structural milestones completed at Station Lands North.

This transfer slab will support a future 36+ storey high-rise tower on the podium's East floor plate part of a later phase of construction.'
It has to first go through the Development Approval Process (right @Avenuer?) to get an amended Development Permit (a no-brainer I am surmising) and then detailed drawings have to be submitted for a Building Permit and then construction can begin. If the current apartment structure can be leased up in record time then I could see a construction start in late 2024 (especially if some additional building credits are put in place this spring by way of City and/or Feds). I am going to go out on a limb here and predict that the right elements will fall in place before June 2024 and that the tower will begin by October 2024 and be ready for occupancy by early 2026 at the latest. I believe Qualico has a vested interest in keeping the momentum going in a positive direction with this build -- they haven't as yet protected the exposed rebar for the tower and that tells me that this project is front and centre in the executive mind-set. Remember, the site will remain a construction concern insofar as Qualico has been tasked with completing the tunnel pedway from the Library parkade to the Epcor tower (also connecting City Hall, the Art Gallery and RAM).
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