Stationlands Residential Towers | 90m | 25s | Qualico | DIALOG

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Mentions how they are going to incorporate cherry blossom trees and red lanterns into the “common areas” I presume…..

First building topped off. (I’m sure old news by now).

View from the RAM entrance. Love seeing the progress on this one each time I go.
This is one reason there is a thing called curtains or blinds. Also as the building it faces is an office building, it probably will not actually be that much of a concern in later evenings, nights and weekends.
it’s also worth noting the articulation and decent balcony depth will provide an additional sense of privacy to the interiors…

i have toured the building and some of the suites that were just being finished and the epcor tower presence is simply urban, not overwhelmingly invasive.

furthermore, it probably only affects some 40% of the units as the views east, north and west are virtually unimpeded.
I have noticed that they have not enclosed the rebar projections leading to the next level on the 39-storey tower which makes me think that Qualico is looking to get their Planning approval for the "change" and move straight into Building Permit for the new high-rise as I had long surmised.
If it does increase from 25 to 39 when it gets permit to build, we would all be delighted. I'm not doubting anything just tired of mumblings like certain words are the authority.