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The Grande Prairie Regional Hospital was originally planned to take 7 years to construct, but with delays is looking like 9 years, if it is to open by the end of this year. Hospitals just can't be built quickly it seems (maybe it's due to complex HVAC/mechanical requirements?).
GP was a cluster f from the beginning. the GoA funded the shell but not the fit out. then when the fit out came up, codes had changed and major changes were required. Then there was the issue of the GC being thrown off for non preformance (maybe)., then Schedele Mechanical going under.

The new south hospital is rumored to be 1-2 billion. Similar to Calgary's Health Campus this will cover a large amount of specialties. I do not believe this gov will fund it anytime soon.
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I believe the new health campus/hospital will surpass Calgary South in terms of overall value. I thought I read Edmonton's new hospital will cost 2 Billion. Bed count will also be higher than Calgary's. 350-500 beds.

Also, I think the site might have to deal with some existing infrastructure serving surrounding neighborhoods.
Do you know which general contractor was thrown off?
the province "fired" graham construction and engineering. we should know by 2030 whether they actually had any justification for doing so or even whether that was the most appropriate action to take given the consequences within the industry. unless of course it's "settled" prior with the typical non-disclosure agreements in which case we may never know. it was completed by clark builders but i'm not actually sure if by the time they finished the contractor replacement process that anyone other than clark was still at the table. i seem to recall pcl may have been on-site in a pure caretaker capacity for a while as well... this one might well turn out to be another classic definition of fubar and if i had to place a bet, my money would be on graham having much better documentation to rely on than the province.
Yep, hospitals are extremely complex beasts, and this one is going to be massive - I believe about the same size as the Calgary South Health Campus.

I remember driving out of Calgary one time and seeing this building. Had no idea what it was until I looked later.

If this hospital being built here is that size, that'll be a massive building for that area.
In this day and age the fact that this will be a decade of work is staggering.