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Edmonton Real Estate Market

Hearing 'a non-profit' from the south side.

They had two buildings on 112st and a lot of ground floor space stretching most of the block. And then they were also housed on 108st and Jasper.

Is this non-profit taking up much space, and are we talking 112st?
So about 1.5 yrs ago I called that Alberta and Edmonton was about to boom. With the level of investment now coming in, still-affordable housing, good salaries, amenities of a 1.5+million city, all the ingredients are there and I think we are seeing a big build in momentum right now.
I agree wholeheartedly.

I don't own in Edmonton, but I am extremely tempted to purchase a SFH somewhere in Edmonton, just because all signs point toward home values shooting up.

The energy industry is going to be an interesting one to watch as well. My dealings with big oil corps have been becoming a lot different lately, the wallets are slowly opening up and the first question I'm getting lately is "How fast can you make it happen?" versus "How much is it going to cost?".

We'll probably never see anything like 09-14 again, but sure does sound like there'll be no shortage of activity or oilfield construction for the next while.
What's different this time around is the oil industry stuff is like icing on the cake. The City is already booming with all the major industrial projects in the NE (some of which have not yet even started), the warehousing boom, organic growth in home-grown businesses, a ton of startups in the tech space, and a few big tech players getting bigger. Throw oil related industry into that mix and things are going to get very hot very quickly.
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B.C. prepares to remove some housing approval powers from local governments: minister
Housing minister David Eby says "municipalities are not approving enough housing for our population growth" as too many development proposals become stalled at the permit approval stage

Author of the article:The Canadian Press
The Canadian Press
Dirk Meissner
Publishing date:Feb 21, 2022

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