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There seemed to be a ramp and door to the side unit but it doesn’t lead to Kind. Everyone has to go through the one door and over the bump. I tripped on it…
A concrete ramp has been added to access the building:


The interior courtyard with the first OE building and the original EPCOR substation?:

Too bad the ground in the little 'square' in the back couldn't be anything more exciting than bland concrete. I dream of cobblestones! Also, wasn't there talk of a wine bar coming in?
cobblestone in pedestrian ways is not very accessible vis-a-vis wheelchairs.

That’s true, but there are also other options. Always easy to say when it’s not my money, but I wish they had spent a wee bit more on this area.
Wine bar with be in this back patio area on the OEX2 space. Iconoclast is expanding into this substation part with rooftop garden for fresh stuff, and serving juices and such below.

Interested to see how this back area performs next summer. Some real potential, but also a bit hidden. Hopefully can see success like whyte back alley area.