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Well that's a lot better of a fate than some flaky out of city developer having it imo.
Key word: Flaky ones like Lamb was, not all of them.
I don't think Lamb came here with the intention of not building anything. Market conditions and perhaps to a lesser extent misinterpretation of the market played a pretty big role. If any developer comes here and has troubles because of factors out of their control, we should be showing some empathy and saying that sucks both for them and for our City since we lost out on good development. I imagine there are other less public developers that were impacted by COVID as well.
Hi All,

My first post ever on the site though I have been checking it 3-4 times a week for 18 months now.

I am agnostic about local/external developers and designers. As long as the are reliable and do good work. I have to say, however, that this is one of the few developments I did not like. It was pleasing to the eye in many ways, and filled a crater of nothingness in that part of the city, but it was built like a renaissance palace in an Italian town: a walled tower, with terrible street activation. My bias - and its a bias - is street activation, multi-use, etc. even with lower heights (as low as 3 -5 stories) is better than a good looking tower that creates more dead space (sure, more bodies, but those who hurry past the site as there 'nothing to see or do'). Our town is still weak on that - we some exemplars and some that miss the mark (Falcon Towers - argh) - but no need to stop trying.

'Might' in the end make the park even better. Fingers crossed.